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Restricted Content Message

An Active Membership is required to work with the curriculum on ProdigiesMusic.com. Already have a membership but struggling to get in? Learn more below!

The videos and curriculum on ProdigiesMusic.com are unlocked with our memberships, and the Download Hall is only part of Prodigies Lifetime.

If you try to access materials you haven’t unlocked, you will receive an error message.

However, if you’re logged in with an active membership and you’re still being blocked from content you purchased, it’s possible that you’ll need to clear your cache and cookies to reset the permissions in your browser. If you subscribed within the Prodigies Music Lessons app, see https://prodigiesmusic.kb.help/5-tech-troubleshooting/i-signed-up-through-the-app-but-cant-access-the-website/

Once you’ve cleared the cache and cookies, log into Prodigies (prodigiesmusic.com/login), before trying to navigate to the curriculum, as this will help avoid restricted messages to the cache.

And as always, it’s worth using an up-to-date version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox to access Prodigies!

Still Not Working?

If you’re using Prodigies from behind a school server or firewall, it is possible that additional permissions will be needed from your IT department.

If that’s not the problem, you can always reach out to us at Support@prodigiesmusic.com so we can investigate further!